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Mental Health
Provide Your Students With A Voice To Ask For Help While Building Awareness of The Mental & Emotional State Of Your Classrooms and Schools.
Daily wellness check-ins
Simple and fast check-in process

The purpose of the Advocate Daily Wellness Check-In is to provide a proactive social, emotional, and mental wellness tool to students, teachers, and counselors.

Daily Check-In Features:

  • App/Website based check-in
  • Reporting of check-in results
  • Student comments and appointment requests

By using the Advocate program, counselors and teachers can prioritize their student contacts, multiply their impact, and keep a pulse on the well-being of their students.

Student Wellness Reporting
Power reporting to track student wellness

As school leaders, it is important to understand how your individual students and your student body as a whole are doing with regard to mental and emotional health. That is why the Advocate program features simple to read and understand reports for each student and your school as a whole.

Data Driven assistance
Student History and Notes

With the Advocate program, counselors and teachers can track each student’s check-ins going back to their first day. Staff can write Counselor Notes in a student’s file. These notes will remain for as long as they are enrolled. Our goal is to create a history of care for each student in the platform so that counselors can make data driven decisions to provide proactive help.


Advocate solves the problem of the ever-increasing student to counselor ratio.

The Advocate program allows students to self-advocate for their mental and emotional wellness and receive proactive care from their school counselor or teacher.

Any Device, Anywhere

Access the Advocate platform from any device as long as it has an internet connection.

Privacy Focused and Secure

The Advocate platform is built on secure technology with data privacy at the top of our minds.

Create a class and invite staff
Register as a staff member or principal
Onboard students
How to get started
You can self-onboard as early as today

We’ve made the process extremely easy and fast so your staff and students can be onboarded in a matter of minutes

We also offer District level licensing! The platform is infinitely scalable allowing for you to invite principals from all of your schools and seeing data from across your district on one page.

Addtional Tools
Student mindfulness and mental health resources

Over 85 student focused mindfulness videos and mental health breaks to share with your students and give them the gift of proactive wellness.

Get in Touch
We would love to hear from you

Set up a call with us to go over how Advocate can fit within your school or district. We are confident that we can provide an effective and affordable solution to improve student safety.

Become a member of a PROACTIVE mental and emotional wellness program.

1,3,& 5-year programs available for School and Districts.